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  • Official documents (birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates, wills, diplomas, deed polls, driving licences, ID documents, police checks…) from English to French or French to English.
  • Presentations, websites, letters, medical certificates

Administrative support

  • Official document paperwork. Please note that I cannot offer legal advice myself but can relay previous experience and can translate letters you would like to send to the authorities, access French bank accounts or official websites on your behalf in a face-to-face appointment.

French conversation classes

  • GCSE and A-Level speaking exam practice
  • Adult conversation sessions

Presentations in schools

  • Readings in French to younger children
  • Participation in assemblies for primary schools
  • Activities for youth groups
  • Workshops for secondary schools

“Thank you so much! Head teacher very grateful 🙂
 I spoke to kids at school today, they all said it was very interesting and found it fascinating finding out about your family history. Teachers said the same.”